Welcome to the 12th International Equine Infectious Disease Conference (IEIDC XII). In a welcome return to normality, this in-person meeting will be held in the spectacular Centre International de Deauville (CID) conference centre (https://www.congres-deauville.com/), which is located in the beautiful coastal resort of Deauville, Normandy in north west France from 30th September to 4th October 2024.

The IEIDC brings together people from all infectious disease disciplines; parasitology, bacteriology, virology, as well as epidemiologist, immunologists, veterinarians and other experts in horse health. The aim is to share our knowledge, and to build better collaborative relationships to address the infectious disease problems that affect the wellbeing of horses around the world. The conference is held every four years in different geographical regions.

For IEIDC XII (2024) in Deauville, the Local Organising Committee, Co-Chaired by Professors Stephane Pronost and Stephan Zientara are already developing impressive plans to deliver the scientific and practitioners’ day programmes and social events for delegates and accompanying persons. Importantly there is ample space for a trade exhibition for our local and international sponsors.

This is an important conference for those of us who work in the equine infectious disease field, as it is the only conference focused on the horse (and other equids) and the infectious diseases that affect these species. Infectious diseases cause serious health and welfare problems for horses across the globe. Horses and other equids are still used widely in developing countries for transport of people and goods, while the use of horses in sport in developed countries has seen a huge increase in the number of horses that are transported around the world for competitions.

It is the excellence and diversity of the science that makes this conference so attractive to delegates, be they experienced or early career researchers or clinicians. The high quality of the scientific programme and warm welcome given to all, particularly young delegates at our last two in-person conferences in Lexington (2012) and Buenos Aires (2016) has been the reason that so many delegates attend. However, the thing I like best about this conference is meeting new people who share my passion for horses and infectious diseases and having the opportunity to spend time with old friends, some of whom I met at my first IEIDC in 1998 when I attended as a PhD student. 

Thank you for your support and your interest in horse health and infectious diseases. If you would like to host IEIDC XIII in 2028, the Call for Bids is now open – please consider applying! In the meantime, I look forward to seeing you in-person in Deauville for IEIDC XII in 2024!


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President IEIDC